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Kurz Marketingové, právní a ekonomické aspekty podnikání v informačních technologiích

About the course

In the spring semester of 2015, the Institute for the Financial Market in cooperation with the Department of Law will organize professional lectures (3 lectures/6 hours) focused on entrepreneurship in information technology and the Internet environment. The lectures will be focused on practice.

Are you interested in how

  • present the product?
  • reach customers effectively?
  • protect your rights against abuse?
  • the legal minimum you need to know?
  • how to sell to consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises?
  • how to do business in the Internet environment?

Then come, because the lectures are for you!

Topics of lectures

1. Getting started with bussiness (Friday, April 10 from 12.50pm to 6.50pm)
How to build a start-up, lectures Tibor Szabó
Legal risks and protection of rights, lectures Ondřej Materna
How to (not)do marketing – marketing plan and product launch, lectures Pavel Neubert

2. How to succeed in the market (Friday 17.4. from 12.50pm to 18.50pm)
Brand building on specific examples and media use, lectures Pavel Neubert
How to communicate with BUSINESS PARTNERS IT product, (guest)
Protection against competition, contractual relations with customers, lectured by Ondřej Materna

3. Internet business (Friday, April 24 from 12.50pm to 18.50pm)
Internet service (application) and law, lectured by Ondřej Materna
Marketing on the Internet, Pavel Neubert
Vladimír Dědek (guest, head of development at ALZA) lectures on how to think when creating a website/application

  • Pavel Neubert, marketing analyst ALZA
  • Tibor Szabó, Executive Director inQool
  • Ondřej Materna, Lawyer, CEO

Graduates of the course will receive a certificate from the Faculty of Economics and Administration of MU.


Masaryk university Faculty of Economics and Administration, Lipová 41a, Brno, room P304.

  • zdarma pro studenty Masarykovy univerzity
  • 500 Kč včetně DPH pro ostatní studenty
  • 1 500 Kč včetně DPH pro ostatní osoby

Přihlašování probíhá přes Obchodní centrum Masarykovy univerzity.

Workshop Vzdělávání v oblasti finanční gramotnosti

About the workshop

On 18 June 2009, a workshop under the auspices of the CNB, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Social Affairs on the topic of Education in the Field of Financial Literacy will take place in the premises of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of MU in Brno.

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • provide, in particular, additional and disseminating information on financial literacy standards and framework educational programmes for primary and secondary education,
  • present titles for teaching financial literacy for teachers (directly managed organizations of the Ministry of Education, Social Services, CNB),
  • share past experience in financial education and the introduction of financial literacy standards into school curing programmes
  • and focus on preparing primary, secondary and secondary school teachers for teaching financial literacy.

At the end of the workshop, proposals, recommendations and ideas will be formulated for both the pedagogical public and the Working Group on Financial Education coordinated by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic in terms of further desirable development of financial literacy.

Partners and participants involved

The workshop is held under the auspices of the CNB, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Labour and Affairs.

The workshop will be attended by representatives of higher education institutions, MF, MŠMT and its directly managed organizations, the CNB, teachers from primary and secondary schools, some members of the above-mentioned Working Group on Financial Education and other entities actively engaged in financial literacy issues.


Masaryk university Faculty of Economics and Administration, Lipová 41a, Brno, room P304.


If you are interested, please log in through the Masaryk University Shopping Centre by Tuesday, June 10, 2009 at the latest (registration has been extended).

Training for the CNB

Training for CNB foreign exchange controllers - 9.4. 2008

Lecturers and topics
  • Ing. Jan Krajíček: Platební bilance
  • Ing. Gabriela Oškrdalová: Finanční investování
  • Ing. Petr Valouch, Ph.D.: Účetní a daňové dopady devizových operací

Školení pro devizové kontrolory ČNB - 5.6. 2008

Lektoři a témata
  • Ing. Jan Krajíček: Zajišťovací operace
  • Ing. Gabriela Oškrdalová: Osobní a rodinné finance
  • Ing. Petr Valouch, Ph.D.: Daňové dopady osobních a rodinných financí

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